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GED Pretest

Before you take the actual GED, you will likely need to take a pretest (which is usually the mathematics test plus one additional test). Each GED pretest has 25 questions with no time limit.


The Pre GED

The questions on the GED pretest are very similar to what you will be asked on the real GED. You usually need to answer about 15-20 questions right to register for the GED. All this varies from district to district. You will need to find out what to do in your district.

In order to register to take the GED test, you will need your pretest scores, proof of your identity and proof of your residency. You will then need to submit a few forms and wait until they send you an acceptance.

From there, you should begin preparing for the real GED exam with a course or other GED training materials. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will pass the GED!


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